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Music Makes Everything Better
Modern medical practitioners have found out that music allows patients to heal better, sustain therapies with less pain, and get better results from exercise and treatments. Even loud music has healing benefits too by inducing endorphins and other feel good brain chemicals into a person and improve his mood. Staying healthy is as much a matter of minds staying upbeat and enjoying even the drudgery of a hospital stay or washing one's laundry for half the day.
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Sineguelas: Antioxidant Fruits in Your Backyard Forest Garden
Costing only P15 a kilo at your local farmer's market, the sineguelas is a small fruit, kids love to gorge on as an after playtime snack but it is also packed with very potent antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help your body fight stress, ailments and keep yourself fit. What can cure your feeling of malaise from bad air (kulob na hangin), allergies, stomach problems, and stress is a simple plum that grows anywhere in our country. If you know what's good for you, you'd plant 3 sineguelas trees in your backyard and ecourage your neighbors, local baranggay and even your city officials to have them in all public spaces.
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