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Rediscover Diatomaceous Earth! Organic and Natural Pest Control
Chemical pest control will always be harmful and unnatural so many advocates of organic and natural methods are pushing for an age-old treatment for pest control that guarantees wiping out entire colonies of whatever creepy crawlies you have in your home or garden--diatomaceous earth. Silica minerals and wood dust has long been used as a form of pest control for ages and only recently have branded products been popularized as a solution for cockroaches, fleas and ticks as well as bed bugs.
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Pygmy Donkey as Guard Pet and Best Buddy
Like a pet guard-dog for your family, pygmy donkeys are comical companions and very intelligent, caring animals. They get along very well with children and you can train them to haul some small stuff, even a personal cab or cart to help you travel around your small farm or huge backyard. You must be able to afford to provide them with a regular stash of fresh hay for food but they love banana peels and orange peels too. Have precious memories raising a pair or more of the most gentle pet animals for your home/farm.
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Spiders! The Filipinos Favorite Childhood Bloodsport
Tree spiders are some of the most beloved Filipino pets of all time. From your grandfather to today's rural urchins, spiders are treasured for the neighborhood weekly spider fights--some of which involve small time bets to big money bets--spiders are the insect bloodsport all true Pinoys love. The best fighters are said to have long and thick legs and a mid-sized abdomen. Lots of player lore about this peculiar Asian affection for spider fight derbies about spider types and best times to hunt for them.
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When Fireflies Thrive
Want to know if you are living in a dying place? Check for fireflies. If the environment is going to hell, you won't find any of these blessed creatures. Kids who are still lucky to live in spaces where clumps of these creatures show themselves at night get to chase down a few and put them in a glass jar and watch a magic lanter come to life.
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The Red Eared Slider for Turtle Power!
Pet turtles are quaint pets that are fun to keep in terrariums. Turtles are much more interesting characters as pets than fish will ever be. Check out Stephanie's feature on the Red Eared Slider, a breed of pet turtle that grows to the size of melon halves!
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Cats: The Good, the Bad, and the Fluffy
Some people are just Cat persons. The distinctive personalities of cats are more endearing than the unrequited love offered by dogs. Also cats kill Sleepwalkers and hateful vermin. And fight Satan to the death (as per Neil Gaiman's short story). So you're in better company with a nice lazy cat, or three, or ten. No kidding.
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Gliding Snakes In Asia
No, they are not snakes on a plane like that on the movie. They are real flying snakes. But note that they do not have wings. So, how do these snakes fly?
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Dogs, Experts Of Love And Compassion
Dogs can bark and alarm their masters of suspicious strangers and they can even fetch items you instruct them to get. Some specifically trained dogs can even help in solving crimes – thus the existence of canine units in police departments around the world.
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