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Off the Grid Necessities: Vitamin C, Keep Stock of this Life-Keeping Nutrient
In dire situations, you might run out of fresh produce and your best source of vitamin C. Keeping a good stock of vitamin C supplements in your larder as well as growing your own food that are excellent sources of viatmin C like malunggay trees and calamansi trees, will more than help you keep self-sufficient and safe even during long term extreme situations when vitamin C becomes that taken for granted nutrient that we all can't live without.
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A Laser Approach to Cardiovascular Diseases
Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM) puts a premium on the noble attributes of commitment, unparalleled patient service and excellent quality. Our goal is to help the increasing number of Filipinos suffering from life-threatening and devastating ailments. ILACM supports the concept of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE administered through clinically-proven approaches to conventional health care. We use all available modalities in long-established and complementary medicine.
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Aspirin: Cures Hangovers AND Helps You Avoid Stroke
Your handy pain reliever and cure for headaches, has other blessed remedies for your body's health. From high blood pressure, to avoiding strokes and also for keeping your skin in good tone. Aspirin, if used according to doctor's orders can keep your ailments in check and help you get by when your health needs a reliable and stable remedy.
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Melatonin as LifeSaver: Don't Die Before Your Time from Sleep Deprivation
Melatonin is one of the best health supplements that you can avail of when suffering from bouts of insomnia or if you need to return to a regular and healthy sleep cycle. It helps your brain transport wastes out of its system when you sleep so you also get natural health benefits aside from getting good restful sleep.
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