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Switching Technology: LED Lamps Are Cheaper and Brighter

July 2, 2014       Tech Buzz
Switching Technology:
Use LED Lamps and Save Energy Now

The energy-saving. LED  lamp is more environmentally friendly, as each lamp does not contain the heavy metals found in current compact fluorescent lamps.  LED lamps are also brighter and have longer life spans than previous green tech CFL's and are now the next generation of main lighting products for green homemakers and industrial users.

Using the same power, or the same wattage, high efficiency LED energy saving lamps are brighter and last up to 5000 hours, while an interior LED lamp’s life is up to 50,000 hours. If light is used for just 5 hours per day, then its life can be up to 27 years.  An LED light can save double the savings of regular CFLs they replace.  Imagine an LED lamp  lasting for decades depending on usage.

New LEDs can mimic Sunlight's warm white

According to a University of Georgia research team, their new LED technology can emit a color temperature of less than 4,000 kelvins and a color index of 85.  They explain that, ideally, a nice warm light of about 4,000 kelvins or less is suitable for indoor use. Anything above 5,000 kelvins gives you the bluish tint of the typical LED light.

The current technology of “warm” LEDs is focused on coating a blue LED chip directly with different kinds of phosphors (light emitting materials). This coating method is expensive and production consistency is a problem.  When the new compound invented by the researchers is used and illuminated by a conventional LED chip, the yellow cancels out the blue and the result is a warm, natural-looking white light. 

Tech Improvement in LEDs can make them even cheaper

The technology of LED light sources is improving by huge margins.  LED light can now be dimmed, lasts even longer, and has a potentially lower cost in producing the material.

Incredible news from scientists at Cambridge University in the UK,  with new production tech for making LEDs at a tenth of current prices.  This may help households reduce lighting bills by up to 75% in five years time.  Five years.  A 75 per cent decrease in power consumption for lighting.

A GaN LED can burn for 100,000 hours, its average lifespan is at more than 11 years. These types have the advantage of turning on instantly and being dimmable.

Next-generation 75W- and 100W-equivalent LED lamps

Philips has new designs for LED lamps that deliver 1220 lm in a 15W lamp, and 1680 in a 19W lamp.  Although these lamps retain the distinctive design with side grooves to let off heat for the LED.  The new lamps are dimmable with legacy triac and other phase-cut dimmers. The products have a warm 2700K CCT and CRI of 80. The efficacy is near 80 lm/W, offering more than 80% energy savings relative to incandescent lamps.


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