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VIKING SCREAMFEST: Celebrating the 1814 - 2014 Bicentennial of Norwegian Constitution!

July 25, 2014 | By: Reach Web Team       Special Feature

A Norwegian Horror Movie Marathon
celebrating the 1814 - 2014 
Bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution

By the  web team

Check out the pictures of our adventure watching
FREE Norwegian Horror Movies
Waaaaay different from the
6:30 News on TV.

It was an oppressive summer afternoon last May 17 when I spied an ad for
the Royal Norwegian Embassy sponsored Viking Screamfest Horror
Movie marathon at The Collective,
in Makati, an artist conclave of shops
with an open air space for events.  The event was supported by
Vinyl on Vinyl,
Wabi Sabi, and B-side. 

The Collective is an artist's enclave lying just at the outer fringe of the
 Makati Business District.  The warehouse conversion is a welcome respite
from the posh malls, a great place to let your hair down and do doo de
doo de doo.

Buddy and I went over, as both of us were HUGE fans of horror movies. 
The event was a FREE to watch fllm marathon, and we were happy to note
that a lot of people came
by to watch the scary movies too.  

We thoroughly enjoyed that night, especially the baked marble potatoes
in Hollandaise sauce,
and the baked salmon prepared by the Norsk Chef.

Cold Prey was a slasher film of the sort where everyone dies except some
helpless damsel who pulls one over Mister Murderer. It was the second
of the marathon. and I guess slashers are the kind of film you like for
laughs more
than for a good scare.  It still was a good scary movie,
for the kids I suppose, I don't really like slashers
.  This was the second
film of the movie marathon.

Thale is a science fiction crossed with supernatural elements about
forest spirits that take care of their own.  This was the last film of the event.
It featured a lot of bullet time fight scenes too and the prettiest wood nymph.

Troll Hunter was the BEST horror movie of the night.  Found footage
horror that really kicks butt.  The trolls were adorable in their repugnant
monstrous CGI motions and getting toasted by UV lights was as
awesome as anything else for a Scooby gang fighting creeps.  It set the
tone for the evening as the first movie of the Viking Screamfest.

Freshly brewed lemongrass iced tea as the only non alcoholic
refreshment...Watching creepy movies, we wanted to make sure that no
creeps would sneak up on us on the way home so we didn't get bombed. 
the marathon ended at past midnight, and both of us were able to go
home safely and live to tell the tale.

One of the unique diners located in The Collective, The CHIEF VAPERS
IMMO. CAFE. which offers great eats for those who hang out there. 
The area is a venue for many events and gatherings for the enterprising
artist communities and those who want a place away
from the harried crowd.


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