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Buy Pigeons Wisely

November 29, 2013       Pigeon Talk

Buying Pigeons Wisely

At provincial or city market bazaars, bird shows or auctions offer lots of pigeons by the bulk. 

Be very careful and check your birds carefully before buying them. Birds at such places may be exposed to diseases from other birds in the area. DO NOT PLACE BIRDS BOUGHT IN SUCH PLACES IN YOUR LOFT AT ONCE. Place birds bought in public auctions at another cage or coop and observe them for any signs of disease. Preferably, AVOID buying birds offered at such markets and events. 

You might want to get the services of an experienced fancier to assist you in picking out good birds from reputable breeders and help introduce you into the hobby. Reputable breeders advertise their breeder stock in good pigeon magazines. 

Accepting ‘gifts’ of pigeons or ‘free birds’ is also not advised because you may be getting inferior stock for either show fancy or the racing fancy. Breeding with inferior stock just produces birds that won’t make the grade for races or for shows for breed competitions—but only if you compete seriously. 

If you just raise them for pets it is okay to keep them but always separate new birds from your main roost to observe for any diseases.

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