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Staying Fit: How To Get A Dancer's Body?

May 20, 2014       Health & Healing
Staying Fit
  How to Get a Dancer's Body

Dancer’s bodies are always beautiful.  They are not skinny, they are lean.  Even with lean bodies, they are strong.  Their muscles are not like a bodybuilders which exaggerate the human physique but are taut and follow the natural contours of a fit and healthy person--men are cut and angular but not buff, while women are athletically sexy but not blocky and more svelte.

Remember Anastasia Sokolova, the champion celebrity pole dancer from Ukraine's Got Talent?  She might look like a pixie but her physique is the perfect female dancer's body--because that is how the female form looks like when it is toned well without steroids.  If she started to look muscular then she would be imbibing hormones or doing excessive strength training.

Even Kpop idol superstars from female to male, all look lean and energetic, some a bit too lean and you even have Hyosung from Secret who is actually naturally voluptuous, yet hers is a dancer's body rather than some medically sculpted physique.  Hyoyeon from Girl's Generation moves like a swan even with hip-hop waves and pop-lock beat girl, body movements, and yet she has  feminine curves and is not MODEL THIN as most of the other KPOP stars.

Many people envy the dancer's physique but don’t actually realize they can be as fit by having a workout routine as well as a dietary regimen.
What you can do to get a dancer's body:


The best way to achieve that body is to start dancing too and have fun while you're working out.  Dancing burns a lot of calories and the hectic and sudden movements work out many muscles.  Aside from basic aerobics to warm up, dance IS your cardio exercise without stressing you out like waiting for the 5 mile mark on a stationary bike.

Start doing Pilates.

Get long, lean muscles in the arms, legs, and glutes with a regular Pilates workout.  Get in shape while increasing your flexibility.  Pilates workouts create better balance, a taut midsection, and a toned back.  And if you dance, your movements will flow more gracefully.

Strength train

Weight training builds strength and keeps your body lean if you use light weights and high repetitions.  Strenght training has a longer lasting benefit in terms of helping you stay lean because you burn calories and your metabolism improves from exercise.

Watch what you Eat

If you do start to train, don't go on a diet that leaves you with no energy for workouts, but keep a good meal plan for getting energy during workouts but not binging on after so that what you burn off won't come back.  Potatoes, lean fish and chicken, and pasta meals make for good pre-workout meals.

From the YouTube post of one of the thousands of HyoHyuk fans: 
  uploader Choi SooyoungAll rights reserved to Choi and You Tube 

Dancers are hypnotic.  Watch any Kpop music video or any pole dancer workout.  They don't get that way by being a couch potato like you now just wishing you were either one of the Hyo-Hyuk couple (HyoYeon from Girl's Generation and EunHyuk from Super Junior). 

Get off your butt and dust off that old Dance Dance Revolution mat you have and start doing your own waving and pop-lock moves.


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