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Aspirin: Cures Hangovers AND Helps You Avoid Stroke

October 8, 2014       Health & Healing
Avoid Heart Problems and Stroke
with this Hangover Wonderdrug

If you are on a holiday binge and feel that hangover coming on, it is no wonder aspirin is the recommended by most doctors as the first choice for a remedy: first as a headache reliever, and as an aid to healing indigestion, but most importantly, as recently discovered, it is medicine to temporarily help avoid stroke or heart attack complications that might arise from a health condition rising from your bout with too much food and drink.

One over the counter medicine that hypertension (high blood pressure) sufferers can avail of that is also recommended by some doctors as a temporary aid for avoiding blood clots that can result in stroke and as an aid in digestion too.  Aspirin makes your blood less likely to clot which helps you become less vulnerable to heart attack and stroke.  Blood becomes thicker when one is a diabetic or suffers from arterial congestion, and aspirin temporarily helps you avoid the harmful effect of such health conditions even if it is only temporary.  Stroke or heart attack sufferers can also use this medicine as first aid to help avoid further complications, given proper administration and instructions from a health professional.

Remember that aspirin can also make you vulnerable if you use it as hypertension therapy, it is only a temporary aid and should never be used as a cure for high blood pressure or hypertension, because once you stop using the medication, your blood chemistry  and metabolism will be affected by the loss of aspirin and you might get hit worse if you become too dependent on the meds as a remedy for hypertension.  Check with your doctor and nutritionist if you want a long term solution for any health problems concerning hypertension and high blood pressure or diabetes and heart diseaase.

Again, aspirin also causes ulcers or stomach bleeding if used too frequently or administered improperly.
be carefull always and remember that it is a remedy for hangovers and headaches and NOT a therapeutic treatment medicine for more serious health problems.  Some people also cannot sustain use of this medicine because of allergic reactions from long term use so be very careful because allergic reactions can cause severe bodily harm if the medication is a poison to your system.


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