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Grapefruit Juice: Fight Stress and Stay Fit
Colds and the Flu take over your body when you are too stressed and need to rest and recover. Avoid losing good days to sick time by including Grapefruit Juice to your diet. It helps fight stress, keeps you fit by helping you burn fat. And it is one of the most powerful healing fruits because it is packed with lycopene and plenty more antioxidants aside from its alkaline fixing effect on the body.
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Pineapple: Precious for Keeping Your Eyesight and Digestion
Pineapple used to be one of the most sought after fruits in the West. Today it is one of the best fruits for keeping your eyesight sharp and for aiding your digestion. It also contains powerful antioxidants that keep you safe from stress and cancer.
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Guavas from God: A Blessing for Urchins and for Healthy Keeping
In the Philippines, raiding the guava trees in the local neighborhood used to be a rite of passage for kids.. Guavas provide plenty of Vitamin C and though they used to be notorious as the favorite fruit of worms from flies and other insects, the new and hardy Guapple variety offers a huge Guava with crunchy hardness enough to deter worm attacks unless overripe.
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Off the Grid Necessities: Vitamin C, Keep Stock of this Life-Keeping Nutrient
In dire situations, you might run out of fresh produce and your best source of vitamin C. Keeping a good stock of vitamin C supplements in your larder as well as growing your own food that are excellent sources of viatmin C like malunggay trees and calamansi trees, will more than help you keep self-sufficient and safe even during long term extreme situations when vitamin C becomes that taken for granted nutrient that we all can't live without.
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The Calamansi Healing Factor
Heal faster with a daily regimen of calamansi concentrate. No need to spend a fortune on expensive fruits or branded wheatgrass milks. Get well on organic Calamansi!
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