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Garlic from God: A Natural Antibiotic and Great for Poultice Medicine

August 9, 2014       Health & Healing
Garlic from God
Natural Antibiotic, that also Heals Your Digestive System

You might think it foolish to rely on homeopathic herbal medicines as first aid, or even as first medical treatment for an onset of serious ailments and infections, but generations of peoples who have relied on poultice medicine and herbal preparations will swear that GARLIC is one of the Lord's best stuff on earth.  Not just for pizza and hamburgers or making food taste heavenly but also for keeping your body in good shape and in good health.

Makes Bad Things Go Away.

Hippocrates (460-377 BCE)  prescribed garlic as medicine to cure different ailments like  respiratory problems, internal parasites, poor digestion and chronic fatigue.  In the Middle East, East Asia and Nepal, garlic is a traditional herbal remedy for healing ailments like bronchitis, flatulence, colic, intestinal worms, rheumatism, dysentery, fevers and even serious diseases such as TB (tuberculosis), diabetes and liver disorders.  Maybe the small sulphur content in garlic also makes spooks go away (brimstone or sulfur is a natural deterrent against supernatural entities).

A Natural Antibiotic

Eaten raw, garlic produces a compound called allicin, a natural  antibiotic more powerful than penicillin.  When heat is applied to garlic during cooking, it destroys the compound allicin, so you must imbibe garlic as a raw, crushed herbal cure to avail of its anti-infection effects:  like when you are suffering from toothaches or stomach pains caused by mouth germs or stomach parasites.  You can also grind garlic and use a paste of it for a poultice and bind wounds but be careful because too much raw garlic can irritate any wound or burn your mouth because as a raw substance, it is already potent in small amounts.  Used in food preparation as a raw ingredient, Garlic can inhibit the growth of very dangerous bacteria like E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella enteritidis, all of which can cause lethal food poisoning.

Good for the Heart and your Soul

Recent studies show that Garlic is a very potent in the fight against cancers: preventing or slowing down the onset of lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, and even colon cancer.  Garlic naturally reduces cholesterol levels and has powerful anticoagulant properties, to help decrease the possibility of strokes so mixing it as part of your meal preparation will aid you and help you keep a phyto-chemical enhanced food intake that can normalize high cholesterol problems and prevent heart disease.  Garlic has powerful antioxidant properties, which helps your body fight off degenerative diseases and even restore bodily organs and functions harmed by poor diets--this is the new discovery among health and nutrition experts who have studied the effects of antioxidants when treating health problems.  No wonder many food supplement makers are making a killing with herbal-based treatments that WORK better than doctor recommended bio-chemical drugs that sometimes aggravate and make your body weaker instead of getting you back into shape.

Not only does Garlic disrupt bacterial growth, it can also be used against fungal ailments.  For either ringworm or athlete\'s foot.  

Garlic can even be used as a natural homeopathic remedy for treating erectile dysfunctions in men.

As first aid for any sudden onset of infection, keep a bunch of garlic in your kitchen not just for cooking purposes but for treating health ailments too.  It is handy as a medicinal homeopathic remedy:  a spoondul of a crushed garlic clove with a dash of honey to make it burn less in the mouth is a well-known cure for many aggravating conditions such as sinusitis, sore throat from infections, treating asthma allergy attacks, and even serious problems like tonsilitis.

Better yet, grow some in your garden, preferably the more potent and flavorful, but smaller, local garlic.  You\'ll never run out of medicine if you have garlic in your backyard, off-the-grid, or wherever you are set put.  Know that the best health remedies are always homeopathic and natural.  Bio-chemical treatments are the last resort and also for serious health problems.  As first option, use garlic.  You will never need to get medicine from the drugstore if you have garlic and other amazing herbs and medicinal plants in your garden--ready to use for whatever situation arises.


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