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Grapefruit Juice: Fight Stress and Stay Fit
Colds and the Flu take over your body when you are too stressed and need to rest and recover. Avoid losing good days to sick time by including Grapefruit Juice to your diet. It helps fight stress, keeps you fit by helping you burn fat. And it is one of the most powerful healing fruits because it is packed with lycopene and plenty more antioxidants aside from its alkaline fixing effect on the body.
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Pineapple: Precious for Keeping Your Eyesight and Digestion
Pineapple used to be one of the most sought after fruits in the West. Today it is one of the best fruits for keeping your eyesight sharp and for aiding your digestion. It also contains powerful antioxidants that keep you safe from stress and cancer.
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Metabolic Process And Ph: How Fruits Rock Your Health To Sunshine
The human body can naturally maintain a balanced Ph but with the intake of certain fruits as part of your diet, fixing the normal Ph of your body is greatly improved.
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