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Metabolic Process And Ph: How Fruits Rock Your Health To Sunshine

February 7, 2014       Health & Healing

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A fruit’s acid content doesn’t determine whether it becomes acid or alkaline forming in the human body — its pH nature in the body is a product of the metabolic process. This is a common misconception that has dissuaded many from indulging in sour fruits especially during breakfast because it may cause acid reflux or ulcers when one gorges on fruit.

Often, a fruit's acid content contrasts with its effect in the body. Most citrus fruits are acidic, but have an alkaline effect in the body.

Remember that alkaline-fixing foods have a powerful effect on the body, keeping it fit and resistant to infection, stress and chemical imbalances from hormone changes. Germs can’t live in an alkaline environment. Cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment. Bodily functions are normal and metabolism is optimal when the body is in an alkaline environment.

Meat is acid-fixing and so are all processed foods. Medicines are acid-fixing. Unfortunately, this isn’t common knowledge. You need something to balance out acid-forming foods and the best choice is always fruits, especially calamansi juice or grapefruit juice.

In times when climate change, or weather adjustments from hot to drafty cold and chilly can disrupt a weak body and stress it too much, a diet of sour fruits that which can help alkaline-fix your body's ph state can help you resist common stress afflictions like the colds and the flu.


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