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Kubuntu: Eye Candy and Powerful Multimedia Apps that Zip and Fly
Looking for an Ubuntu OS to migrate to? Choose Kubuntu which runs on the KDE environment. KDE is the eye candy desktop user interface packed with its own suite of power apps from graphic design packages to an office software suite. Some may prefer the clean look of Unity, Mate, or GNOME, but for getting people to switch to Open Source OS, show them all the gorgeous free goodies that'll blow them away.
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SparkyLinux: Low Resource OS Packing Dynamite!
Unsure about changing to an Open Source Linux system like Ubuntu? Check out Sparky Linux! It is a compact OS designed for low resource computers that packs all the apps you need. Best of all, it is FREE.
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CrunchBang: Fast and Elegant Running OpenBox
Looking for a Windows alternative? There are many low resource alternatives among the Ubuntu and Linux shells for Open Source operating systems. We review CrunchBang, a very low resource, fast install, Linux OS with all the best apps packaged with it. This one comes for FREE. But do please find it in your heart to donate to Open Source workgroups if you can so that we can still get the best they can offer for the Open Source community.
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