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Designer In Love (3 X 3 Hearts) Chapter 4

February 15, 2014 | By: BridgeBunny Shammy       Memory Angel Romances

By the workshift lunch period, Geth was sitting by himself in the pantry after getting food from the canteen when Yasmin knocked at the door to ask him if she could ‘invade’ their airspace and join him for lunch.  Just to get his mind off Hannah for a while, Geth smiled back and waved her in.  As usual, Yasmin brought an extra lunch pack to share with him as her ‘toll’ for lunch where she wasn’t supposed to be since that pantry was restricted only to the workstations nearby and hers was at the other end of the floor.

'Hey handsome, join you for lunch today?  I got great news for you.  Everybody gets a quarterly bonus this month for doing well, the company got extra clients because of the good work you guys were doing!' , gushed Yasmin.
'Yey.  So we get P4,000 again, big deal.  They just got contracts for half the Eastern European media sites and we get 4k a month. Woop de doo.'...smirked Geth.

'Don’t be such a sourpuss, I know a really good way  you could use that extra 4k and it doesn’t even involve Justin Bieber,' winked Yasmin as she sidled up to him and rubbed his arm teasingly.

Geth just raised an eyebrow at his lunch companion and asked, 'Okay, smartpants, what?  And don’t call Hannah, Justin Bieber, she doesn’t look any way like a brat.'

'Hahaha.  You’re such a dork,' giggled Yasmin, then she nudged up close and breathed in his ear, you and me could do a lot of fun with the extra quid, we could go to Puerto Princesa for cheap and try Island Hopping in El Nido.  Or just go to Enchanted Kingdom if you don’t want to travel that far.  Just think of it as your chance to go out with ME.  We’re friends aren’t we?  Let’s be friendly.  Let’s go out.'

Geth looked incredulously at Yasmin.  She was looking at him expectantly for a nod or a shy smile that would indicate he might even be close to interested and that would be enough to badger him for the rest of the week.  Geth did smile at her.

'Yasmin, we are really good friends and we can go out anytime we like…'

Before Geth could finish, Yasmin grabbed him like a pillow and hugged him hard, squealing,  'ALRIGHTY!! I knew you weren’t some dyke-hag like all the guys were dissing me with!  Don’t worry, I got two tickets bought for under P500 one-way to Puerto for next Friday.  We can confirm the package tour online by tomorrow night.  You’re not gonna regret this Gethy luv!'

Geth was still staring at Yasmin like she was some crazy who hit the lottery, and it hit her that he hadn’t answered in the affirmative yet, so she just looked at him as meekly as could before slowly disengaging from her grabby moment.

“Does that mean we can go out anytime we like but not next Friday?” , she slowly muttered.

Geth took a deep breath, smiled at his good friend, then  said “Next Friday is good.  We can get extra tickets for Hannah, and I think Jonas, that guy who’s been bugging me to introduce himself to you can tag along and we’d all be friends out there in Palawan!'

'Fuck you, Geth,' said Yasmin in a low voice.

'You’re sick.  You’re no fun.  Stupid  Hannah means more to you than me.  And Jonas?  Ewwwww.  I’d rather drop from an elevator shaft than go out with creep and retard guy.'  , muttered Yasmin angrily at Geth who was looking amused at her tantrum.

'Cmon, Geth, just me and you?  How about it?  I don’t have bad breath or anything don’t I?' , pleaded Yasmin like a little girl asking for candy.

Geth loved her as a good friend and he didn’t want to break her heart.  Not after teasing her to Jonas, her most annoying suitor.  Geth cupped her cheek and she flinched at the unexpected gesture, then gave her a peck on the other cheek, before saying,  'Instead of Palawan, when the bonus gets deposited into my account, I’ll take you out for dinner and we could see a movie and we don’t have to take Jonas or Hannah with us, what do you say, friend?'

Yasmin could barely believe her ears at what she just heard.  She bit her lip as she checked him for any sign that he was joking like he always does when she and the other girls got serious with him about going out.  His left hand was rubbing her cheek and tucking her hair back behind her ear, and he was looking at her questioningly like he really meant the proposal, and she suddenly smiled without knowing she was and grabbed his hand with both hands before saying,  'Sure.  No problem, luv.  But we’re still on for next Friday if you still want to.  For now you owe me a date.....friend.\'

Designer In Love ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

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