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Romance Novel: Designer In Love ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

February 3, 2014 | By: BridgeBunny Shammy       Memory Angel Romances


Hannah Navtor had just graduated from college and was doing a stint at a BPO designer farm.  Getting work was rather difficult at the swanky Interior Design Companies that set up homes and apartments of their high end clientele.   The snooty and sosyalera design offices who were running shop at the best studios in the metro looked at her portfolio and deemed it  not up to snuff for their clients. 

She still had to test for her work license but that gig had to wait for a while. 

For now she was earning decent pay for just doing lay-outs for an overseas entertainment syndicate with several online magazines.  Decent pay was what she called for the meager salary  she got every 15th and 30th that allowed her to live alone on her own without being nagged by her mom because she provided an allowance for her family that was just enough to pay for the bills and her mom’s weekly gambling gigs with her kumares at their home in Taguig. 

Hannah worked in Makati and rented an old home there that was actually very well built and even looked like a decent Japanese-style home inside.  She took time to make the place as homey as she could and put together some of her school projects as her own furniture.  She was happy as she could manage or she thought she was until she was assigned a new manager.  Her old manager was Mr. Sisay, a hands-off Irishman who thought her work was good as long as the client never complained about any submissions.  Now he moved back home and he was replaced by a Filipino manager—someone she didn’t like at all.

Raffy  Kofdamani was a Half-Norwegian, Filipino or as Hannah snickered to herself everytime he gave her a hard time, some Death Metal Reject…He always exalted himself by redoing her lay-outs in front of her, then asking her to do it that way even if the client complained about the style change.  Raffy was an asshole in her mind.  He never shaved looking like the Miami Vice relic Don Johnson but worse because he didn’t have blonde hair and she made the association after she found out from her mom that Don Johnson was a heathen—aka supot. 

Designer In Love ( 3 X 3 Hearts )

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4


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